David Bertrand is an emerging voice on flute in the New York jazz scene. Performing on multiple flutes and bass clarinet, David is also an accomplished composer with a singular style that integrates the rhythms of his native Trinidad's folkloric traditions with modern jazz. 



 The David Bertrand Quartet is devoted to playing his original music. A recording of a recent session at a Williamsburg is available to watch here.


David has also played multiple flutes and clarinets as a sideman alongside jazz musicians such as Antonio De Vivo and Leonor Falcon.  He performs regularly with world music, pop and musical theater groups in Manhattan and Brooklyn and has played at jazz festivals in the US, Caribbean and Latin America.



 In addition to performing, David is on the faculty of the "Music Partners" program at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. He also teaches at the 'El Sistema'-inspired Union City Music Project.




Growing up in Trinidad, David played a wide range of classical and folk music before he chanced upon a BBC broadcast that catalyzed his defining passion for jazz. As he explored, he became aware of the under-utilization of the flute in jazz and the fundamental bias against it. The artistry of flutists like Joe Farrell and Kent Jordan greatly encouraged him, making him determined to champion the flute as a credible jazz instrument - one deserving as much respect as the more historically established horns. 


 David's own voice has been deeply influenced by the jazz saxophone world, initially by the iconic figures of John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderly. Drawn to move to NYC in 2009 by the stylistic approach of players on the contemporary scene, his playing has been deeply shaped by the work of Mark Turner and Chris Bacas.


His parallel pursuit of playing modern jazz on clarinet, inspired by the work of Michael Moore, John Ellis and Claudio Puntin, has led to a rich cross pollination between that instrument and the various flutes in his arsenal.


David holds an MA in Jazz Performance from the Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College.